Monday, December 15, 2008

So, The Time Has Finally Come!...

So, today marked two more days (including today) until we head off for our visit to the States. The kids have been tracking our progress on the calendar, and it seems like a dream that we will soon be in Pennsylvania with the other half of our family and friends. Wow...

If for some reason you see that I am not around as much, bear with me. I will do my best to check in often, but... although we will be there from December 17 to January 13, I assure you it is not a true RELAXING vacation. It is already crazy, and we have not even gotten there. But that is okay, we have lots of things planned, lots of people to visit, and lots of memories to make.

Please pray for us, that we have a safe and enjoyable trip. And that God will have mercy on us, and that Miranda and Dario will sleep ALOT. :-)

Also, some bad news. My puppy, Jack, brother to Benny, died today. He was sick over these last couple of days. We did not know to what extreme. Anthony DID take him to the vet, and he was given medicine, but he just could not do any more. My poor, sweet Jack... a dog, but what can I say, I got attached. I miss him, and poor Benny does, too. And so do their adopted brothers, too: Meeshee 1, Meeshee 2, and Meeshee 3. They have grown up together like real brothers, even they are two different species. Funny how things work out. I am sad, but am also glad for two things. 1) that Jack is no longer suffering. 2) that Benny has plenty of company who loves to have him around, play with him, and distract him.


  1. I am sorry about your puppy dog and I said a prayer for travel safety. Is the story of how you came to live in Italy on your site?

  2. Oh I am so sorry to hear about Jack! May you have your very own angel to comfort you and protect you during travel.

  3. Hope your trip is wonderful!

    And sorry about your puppy. We lost 7 of our bunnies just before leaving Mozambique - so Esme didn't notice it too badly, but it was still rather sad.

  4. Hi....I just came over from Mozi Esme. First I wanted to say I LOVE the post you did for her blog - and it really hit the spot for me today....I needed to read those verses.

    Secondly, I hope your family is having a wonderful holiday in the States.

    Lastly....I'm very sorry to hear about your dog. Its so hard to lose a pet...especially when they are young and there is nothing you can do. I'm so sorry....