Saturday, January 17, 2009

Belated December 17, 2008: Dario's First Plane Ride and...

December 17, 2008 was the day we left to go on our long-awaited trip to the States. I am originally from Pennsylvania, Philly suburbs. We had a pretty good trip. And, a big milestone it was... It was Dario's first plane trip!!!

Here is an interesting experience I had in the airport...

While waiting in the airport for our flight to leave, my husband decided to go checking around for something to eat. Of course I stayed behind to watch the carry-on luggage and my kidlets. :-) What else would I do, right? So, the flight was full and there were no seats left to sit in, so we all piled by the railing, and were watched by EVERY person within a quarter of a mile as we made our way. That is what you get for trying to make a basketball team or small circus, huh? So, we waited for Anthony to come back.

The kids were excited about the planes and watched everything around them. All of a sudden I hear, "Mamma, Miranda pee-ed!"

"What! Are you kidding me???!!!" I think.

Sure enough there is my sweet little girlie with that funny little look on her face saying something like, "oops" or "did I do that?" or "Iewww, change me right now..."

Whatever her expression said, she stepped away to reveal a baseball glove sized puddle. I felt all nearby eyes on me, waiting to see how I would respond. Believe me, I was not pleased, but noone would have known it with how cool and collected I responded. She must have taken off her pull-up at my sister-in-law's house before they dropped us off at the airport, and I did not know it. Sheesh.

I seemed very calm, but I tell you, I had a momentary panic attack as I tried to think of what to do. I had all the kids, all the luggage. I could not very easily take them all to the potty to do a decent clean up job without losing another one or having another one get into some sort of trouble.

So what was my solution??? Wipes, baby!!! All the way. And a Praise To God that I had put in an extra set of clothes for her, "just in case", just hours earlier.

We parents clean up all kinds of things off of our baby's bottoms with wipes, so I decided that it would be fitting to use it in this situation as well. So, I reached into my bag, pulled out a large handful of wipes, let it sit and soak a moment, and began the swiping, gathering and dabbing. All in all, it did quite the trick, and I was very proud of myself. Actually, I should just be honest and say that in a spot like that, all practical and creative thinking ideas go to Jesus, whom I have prayed to for an extra measure of creativity time and time again to raise my kids, organize my home, and be sane in tough or interesting situations. He has pulled me through over and over again. Phew!!!

So that is not all... There is my baby girl watching me, waiting for her turn. When she realizes that I am ready to deal with her, she starts to strip her clothes off, which sets off an immediate "Freak Out!" alarm in this mommy. Come on, All, you have heard enough icky stories to know that it is not safe to have a naked baby exposed in a public place. ICK!!! Nope, I was not going to have that. And she was frusterated and confused that I was not going to let her take off her wet things.

Hmmmmm... How was I going to do this? So I remembered something I used to do when absolutely necessary... Remember that trick of sticking that shirt you want to wear over that shirt you don't want to wear anymore, and then doing the slip in, slip out of said shirts until you managed to have the correct shirt on? Well, that is what I did. Thankfully Miranda had a dress on that she had soiled, and it was easy enough to put on a new pull-up and comfy pants underneath. She had another t-shirt under her dress which served to cover up her top parts, and then all I had to do was put on a sweatshirt to keep her warm. Tada!! Oh, wait, forgot: slip on socks, and pull shoes back on.


And all this time I ignored the I-don't-exactly-know-how-many-people-that-I-felt-watching-me, and just smiled at my kids as if this was just the normal, every day thing to do. No Problem. Well, it actually is, isn't it? Hmmm... Now that I think about it, it is a fairly normal situation. But what a nice feeling to have it pulled off so smoothly, not just in my own house or comfort zone, but in the public eye. Jeepers-Creepers, Did I Really Do That?

"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me..." Romans


  1. Wow!I'm impressed!I think at that stage, I wouldn't have cared who was looking!

  2. way to go Celita (and God of course for giving you the calmness to handle the situation with grace!)!! cute memory...thanks for posting it=)

  3. Hi Celita!
    THANK YOU so much for visiting my blog and leaving such a nice comment! WOW!! You have your hands full . . . you did a wonderful job of handling a challenging situation!!!!! I had to laugh when you said you had to hide how you really felt and simply tried to remain calm and collected!!! I'm impressed, too!!!!!

  4. Wow - way to go! Traveling with just one kid is an adventure enough for me... Good job with keeping your cool!

  5. Thanks, Ladies... :-) Nice to know, you can relate or just appreciate the situation!!! Let us all laugh together, now. :-) I have to.