Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A Hope Moment...

Titled "Hope Grows" (Reminds me of the amazing hope that God placed in my heart during the time of my miscarriage; Baby Hope was miscarried 4 years ago this coming March 5th. Jesus, I miss her. Please, give my sweet one a kiss and a big hug from her Mamma. Thank you. :-))

To see more of my papercuts, go to HERE!! Thank You!!!


  1. Sorry about the loss of your baby... You will see her again - of that i'm sure.

  2. Thank you, J... I know I will. I just miss her sometimes, a lingering thought-like feeling, like some part of myself is missing. I have my moments where I think of her, how old she would be, and the circumstances of her miscarriage, and shed some tears. But... God is faithful to have healed my heart and filled me with hope to one day see her again. I am okay... just remembering. :-) There is value in the remembering. :-)