Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Belated Trip To The USA: December 19, 2007 First Day With My In-Laws...

My mom and Antonio, her first of many grandsons... :-) She has 6 now, all together, and Miranda is the only girl!! :-)

My mom with Antonio and Giosaia, just sharing some love...

Look-a-likes... my brother-in-law, Joe, and Luca (So similar, I tell you!!! Expressions, cowlicks, and all!!!) :-)

Zia Julie and Luca... Such great smiles!!! You know they love each other. :-)

One of those tacky "brother" pictures I just HAD to take...Yes, they are posing just cause I said so... They want to be anywhere else but there. :-)

My mom came to join in the fun, and she was just soaking up the time together...

WII, friend or foe?? Depends what you are playing, I think... :-)

My brother-in-law playing WII with the kids...

Introductions were made between Dario and my in-laws, and it was "love at first sight". And the kids had their first interaction with WII... And what a love affair that quickly became, too. :-)


  1. Oh...thank you for sharing the photos! Your Mom is a beautiful lady! Her smile says it all! : )

  2. Celita,
    Thank you for sharing the family photos! : )
    La Donna

  3. these are great....must be nice to go through the pics and reminisce your trip!