Saturday, March 21, 2009

Calling All Family, Calling All Family!!!

This includes any one of you who are my brothers and sisters in the Lord! I am asking for an immediate call to prayer for our youngest son, Dario. He has been sick for three weeks with different things, he took two different antibiotics, only passed three days without any sign of fever, and woke up again this morning with fever. That is after two weeks worth of antibiotics!!! He is weak, obviously, but the most alarming thing is that he has lost 2 kilos, which is something, though not exactly, like 4 pounds. Now you understand? I will be observing him throughout today and tomorrow to see if he continues to have fever, am taking him off of all meds to see if that is part of the problem, and on Monday will be taking him to his pediatrician where I am sure she will recommend him getting a blood test, and possibly even a chest x-ray. He just had something like RSV this week, and soo.....

We are believing that God can do a miracle in his little body. Join with us in prayer, and may we be testimonies of our most faithful and healing and living God. Amen.

On a side note, we just found out that the technical difficulties that we have continued having with our internet service reaches throughtout, at least all of Italy. Who knew? Huh. Anyhow, and we were told that it should be resolved within the next couple of weeks. Hope that is so. Then I can continue my postings the way I have been hoping to for FAR TOO long. Until next time...

Thinking of you, as I have you in my heart!!! :-)

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Now, Where Oh Where Have The Perillo's Gone?...

Hello, All! Forgive me. There is not a really good answer for my absence except to say that we have been dealing with a significant amount of sickness, and even more annoying is that we have been dealing with some pretty severe techical difficulties wiht our computer and internet access. No explanations on that. We took the computer to "the shop" and got more frusterations out of it. It is now officially even slower than before, we have minimal internet access, AND somehow some pictures and my papercut images were LOST in the shuffle. I have been trying to get them back in my files by using the images I have saved here on Blogger, but they are not all showing up for me to copy the images. One whole big mess. :-)

A big praise. When I am weak, God is strong. And... When it seems that life is crazy, out of control, and just too much for me to handle, God is there PERFECTLY ABLE and ready for me to surrender and trust it all to Him. Okay, Lord, I have. It is Yours!! :-) Have fun with it all. Cause I have not been. Oh, and I CAN say... Praise God because He gives us "strength for today and hope for tomorrow"... I just do not know what I would do without Jesus as my Friend, Savior, Lord, and King.

Big Ole Sigh!!! :-)

On a good note, we, all 7 of us, are feeling better, the kids finally went back to school, and we are on the mend. That is GOOD NEWS!!! :-)

Unfortunately, I am not sure when I will be able to get back to uploading some pictures. And there are TONS!! But rest assured, It will happen eventually. Fun stuff, People! Fun Stuff!!!