Wednesday, May 20, 2009

May 10, 2009 Mother's Day Family Picture...

We went to lunch at a restaurant in Laceno. Yummy!! Afterwards, we took this picture. It was a nice day with volleyball playing in the afternoon, and ice cream at night. ;-)

By the way, this was before haircuts. They aren't so shaggy now. Out with winter, in with spring!!!


  1. Gorgeous family, gorgeous setting! Hope your Mother's Day was wonderful!!!

    And thank you so, so much for your incredible words of encouragement this week over at my 'place'--I always smile when I see that I have comments from you because I know that my heart is about to be gladdened and fortified. What an incredible blessing to have your version of Sonshine in my life as we walk this 'bloggy' road together!


  2. Beautiful family picture!! Blessed you are!