Friday, May 22, 2009

May 17, 2009 Sunday School Party (Before We Break For Summer)...

I had been told about 3 1/2 weeks ago that I was being volunteered to do some games for the smaller kids for our end of the Sunday School season party. We break for summer since so many people go away. I came up with a good, old traditional, American relay race for all the kids. (complete with: taking shots into a basketball net, carrying an egg on a spoon, shooting at a target with Nerf guns, exchanging a small ball from one person to another under the neck, a clothes relay, carry a large water balloon between your knees as you walk through the cones, and a three legged race, then a three legged race while carrying a spoon with an egg in it) It went... Okay. Would have worked smoothly had there been a bit more cooperation. But... for being the FIRST time for this type of relay, well, it could have been much worse. Here are some pictures of the groups of people who participated. I actually had not been feeling well, so I left shortly after cleaning up.

I have been trying to welcome the little opportunities God gives me to be stretched and grown, but... I need to work on flexibility and accepting when things do not go my way or as planned. You would think I would understand this after having five kids and hardly anything going as planned, but I alway HOPE...

Anyhow the theme was based on Hebrews 12:1 where it talks about "running the race of faith with perseverance"... I hoped the kids could have lots of fun, but also learn a lot about encouraging one another and building each other up, that they would see the value of working together, and that they would see that each of us is different and have different talents, but we are still important to God's plan as a whole. Not sure if they got all of that, but... It was worth the try.


  1. you're awesome celita! and regardless of whether they got the spiritual aspect of what you were trying to do i'm sure they all enjoyed themselves. it's great to see you stretch yourself and i know it's hard when you want things to go a certain way and they don't...i's the Type A in me!! but God always works through us regardless of what we "see" with our eyes so don't be discouraged in any did your best with what God gave you and i'm sure He was very pleased with that!

  2. What a fun party! Any plans for your summer holiday?

  3. I have to comment! I LOVED your powerful prayer on Angie's site! You said it all...AND you said it all, that is, you PRAYED and each of us who read it were praying it again. We don't pray for "vain repitition" but because you gave us a pattern. Jesus did! "Our Father..."

    Would you also pray for "B" who is overdue with Baby April Rose, who may be homebirthed to Heaven?

    God bless very busy woman!

    In Jesus' love, Michal (David's first wife, daughter of Saul, Hebrew meaning "brook.")

    I don't have a blog but

  4. Celita you are awesome. You are a busy momma and also have a heart for the children in the church. You probably brought something to them they they never had before for the end of the Sunday School year and everyone appreciates it. It will also remind them that even though they are on the break for summer that they need to think about the race they have to run. :)
    Susan E