Thursday, December 31, 2009

December 31, 2009 New Year's Letter To You...

My dear family member or friend,
I am thinking about you lots. I love to hear that you are enjoying life and I do hope that the trials have seemed to lessen in these days or months. And I am assuming that your health has also improved. I know this year, 2009, has been a full one for you, especially in those areas.

I am wondering how your spiritual life has been affected by the challenging events of this close-to-ending year? For, my greatest desire for you... more than good friends, more than a happy heart, more than peace and well-wishes, is that your heart would be rooted and founded and growing in Jesus. You KNOW the truth, but that is not enough.

Have you fully surrendered or are you still hanging on If Jesus came right now, where would you go? Not based on you being a sweet guy, a good person, or having good intentions. Good intentions will not save you. Nothing will, except living for Jesus and making Him FIRST in your life.

I do not want to nag. I do not want you to feel bad, but... I pray for you as I have prayed for any of my other family or friends... Lord, whatever it takes to capture his heart, do it. Dangerous words? Perhaps, but I know that the most important Person, Place or Thing in this world is Jesus. Do you KNOW? Do you live like He is?

I am not perfect. I am not saying that I am. I am always trying to maintain a relationship with Jesus, where I am the one who is not always faithful, growing, or focused. It takes alot of effort, a lot of failing, a lot of getting back up and moving on. It takes a lot of learning over and over again the lessons of trusting and surrendering. Not easy, but I NEED more of Jesus. Not easy, but... The Most important thing we can do in this world is... BE A FRIEND OF JESUS!!!

I love you. You know I do. I say these words with all the love in my heart. I hope you will allow them to touch you in some way.


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