Monday, February 1, 2010

February 1, 2010... In Print!!...

The other day I was pleasantly surprised to receive a long-awaited item in the mail. Do you remember that I told you that I was to have a papercut project printed in a book? Well, here it is!!!

The Book is called Exploring The Latest Trends In Mixed Media Art, Volume II: Recycled, Reinspired, Reinvented and it is by Sherre Hulbert and Cynthia Powell.

Not only are their art pieces showcased in this book, but so are the projects of several guests artists, including ME!!

My thoughts regarding the book…

"I love to have so many craft possibilities at my fingertips. It’s overwhelming… all of this creative fun!

The creators of this book, Sherre Hulbert and Cynthia Powell, are talented enough that they could have put this whole book together based on only their own works. I am honored, though, to be counted amidst the guest artists and to be part of this project. My own work seems so “simple” in comparison to the others’, but it IS different from what is already presented.

Almost every project is eye candy for my creative soul. Each makes me want to create, create, create, and to go through my packratted stash, to study and find something new and different to make. (And to live in a craft and hobby store.
;-) )

The pieces used to detail certain projects make me long to see them in person: to flip through the altered books; to touch the handles and hardware; to open the decorated boxes; to hear the jingle of the fascinating, attractive jewelry; and to take my ordinary, everyday, seemingless “junk” and use it to form a new thing of beauty. There are many supplies of which I am not familiar. They make me “itch” to experiment with new mediums.

I love the mystery, nostalgia, creativity, delicacy, and diversity of the projects presented in this book. They each make me want to see… MORE!

I would gather that the basic theme of this book could be “Beauty is all around us. Gather its bits and pieces, and create something uniquely yours.” And perhaps, “Don’t be afraid to share your ideas with other thing-creators.” :-)

I tried to list some of my most favourite projects, ones that “called out” to me for me to try my hand at, but… the list was too long and ended up being at least every other project. LOL… :-)

As stated in the title, there are three sections: Recylced, Reinspired, and Reinvented. I assure you that some of these ideas are simply mind opening. The use of objects like rusted washers, baby blocks, floppy disks, and plastic tubing, just to name a few, just might make you rethink throwing said items away. The desire to rediscover a use for old objects might become very overwhelming, but it can also be quite rewarding, too, as you watch a simple idea blossom into a display to use for a gift or to use in your own home.

I hope that I have wetted your taste buds enough to entice you to check out the book for yourself. You can find information on how and where to purchase it at


  1. Congratulations on being published in a book! You should be so proud, my friend!
    Blessings, peace, love!

  2. I have been thinking of you as I have been praying the paper cut project for Sweet Boy's class.
    Congratulations on the book!

  3. Thanks to each of you!! You help to make my heart swell with gladness! :-) I am blessed to have you for my blogging friends.