Wednesday, February 10, 2010

February 10, 2010... My Word For The Year...

Art by David Bowman

My note to a friend about something I learned...

"Here I am about an hour or two after reading how your word of the year is FOCUS, and I am overwhelmed. I almost left a comment on that post, but by mistake deleted it before publishing it… I have been focusing on the challenges that some friends are having and just interceding for them. I came across a devotional by RBC ministries that got under my skin today. Not in a bad way, it just made me chew on it a lot.

May I say… I am tired. I have had a pretty strong prayer-filled, spiritual week and have seen the Lord begin some amazing things in my heart and in so many areas. Now, I am tired, but… I have determined that I do not like the weakness I find myself in, and that I need God’s power and strength and hope and peace and love in my heart even, and even moreso, during this time. I have been evaluating my roles as mother and wife and how I can be better in them. I have been taking stock of my relationships, how I spend my time, and so many other things.

I was walking the baby around in his stroller and singing, just now, to some praise music, and I felt that I had my “word for the year”… STEWARDSHIP. In faith, in hope, in joy, in life… I SO desire to be a good steward with the seeds God is asking me to disciple and minister to, whether they be my children or others that the Lord has allowed to enter my life for this season. I feel He is asking me to let go of old dreams and let Him fill me with His wonderful new ones, which hurts, but is always best. I feel He desires me to be a good steward with the words that I speak and the words I accept as well, because I get so emotionally involved in ways that can sometimes NOT be so healthy. I feel He asking me to simplify my life and be selective of what is really important and what is not. Stewardship- in every area: physical, emotional, psychological, social, etc… THAT is my word for the year.

I am grateful for His Spirit that teaches, guides and comforts us along the way. That is a lot to be thankful for, and I could add so much more."

Please pray for me as I journey along this road God is directing me on. I do not know what lies ahead, what lessons I will learn, or what challenges I will face, but... I know that God is there. I know He is faithful. And I know that I need to trust Him as my two year old trusts me. He takes me by one finger and just follows where I lead him, in complete trust, knowing that I will not lead him into a wall or into a ditch on purpose and to hurt him. We are to come to Him as children. Not childish, but childlike.

I want to trust in, cling to, rely on, and fully believe in YOU, My Father. Jesus, I hold onto this: that You are not only a Promise Maker, but You are a Promise Keeper. Guide, direct, keep, protect, and help me along my journeying. Thank You, for staying near me. Love You!


If you would like to know more about this "word for the year" ("words that would be representative of our goals for growth for the year") concept, feel free to click here and browse through my friend's other posts on the subject. They are fun reads, I think.

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  1. it was so encouraging to read this celita. i think we all need to evaluate where we are in our lives and decide if where we are focusing our time and energy is really pleasing to God. i'm right there with you seeing things in myself that need to change and line up more with God's word. it's hard to control the flesh and i'm so thanful for the Spirit that helps us in our learning journey. i'll pray for you my sister and you can pray for me =)