Saturday, March 6, 2010

(Formerly "The Spices Of Life") A Rather Busy Kids' Update!!!

We are doing okay. We have the addition going up nicely. (Hope to post pictures really soon.) Looks so different from any pictures you last saw of our home.

My kids are sick right now. Well, Antonio and Giosaia. Giosaia had stomach cramping for three days now. Antonio got the croup with the “seal-like” cough and over the last two days he's had on and off fever. Luca is having issues with Asthma, for which we will soon take him to a specialist.

Miranda is home because she saw her brothers stay home and insisted she wanted to stay home, too… I am homeschooling Luca, but during these days that the other’s have been home, it has been more difficult to do so.

Dario is a full blown crazy toddler. Keeps me on my toes EVERY DAY. It is quite exhausting. He gets into EVERYTHING, and I am not exaggerating. He, Luca, and Miranda had a full blown water fight in my kitchen and living room last month. I was stunned. I had NO words, and that is very rare. At least 6/8’s of the floor was covered with water. Even above the sink on the windowsill. And, I, for a moment thought, okay it is only on the floor. Breathe. But I glanced up at the light fixture and saw some drops coming from even that!! AHHHH that was a day. So, then Dario has also poured out a whole bag of cereal (brand new) on the floor, squashed a container of milk and made it explode to the very last drop in a very large puddle, and he is quick as lightning in taking out all pans, silverware, or napkins and baggies and dragging them as quickly away from ME.

Oh, I forgot… the other night, after attempting all day to get into the refrigerator, he succeeded and grabbed…an egg. Yup, then he raced behind my treadmill. The kids all tried to rush and get it from him, but I told them no or he might panic and throw it. I crept very slowly towards him, but HE STILL PANICKED because we were all watching him. Sure enough, he threw it. PLOP!! Good thing he has strong arm so it landed about 3 feet away from my treadmill, otherwise… So… That is all for now. :-)

So, tell me, do you have any interesting stories that you would be willing to share about your kids? Please do. Laughing about those challenging moments is one of the best ways to get from day to day. :-) As frustrating as those moments were for me... I love that God has helped laughter to form healing for the stress in my heart. After all, "A happy heart is like a good medicine and a cheerful mind works healing." Proverbs 17:22)


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