Friday, March 26, 2010

God Keeps Score, By Adrian Rogers...

Okay, so I have been having a massive pity party over these last few days... or is it weeks? I won't go into details, but, good grief, I just came across a blog post by my bloggy friend over at The Old Geezer Blog that just made me leave this comment, "Ow-Ouch! Now that just hit home. With humble gratitude and aching heart... Thank you." Or something like that.

Please stop on by this post that made me flinch... in a good way. And feel free to browse around as he has some great thought provoking, funny, etc... stuff over there.

Today I need to dwell on having "An Attitude Of Gratitude", and by doing so, perhaps I can get back into my "groove".

Big Sigh...


  1. Loved the Old Geezer! I tell my kids to always just be the best person they can be because is will be added up in the end.
    I have seen God's wor, Karma, whatever you want to call it moving and it is indeed powerful.

    Be blessed my friend.

  2. i have those days and weeks too celita and sometimes we need someone to post or say something to us that will just snap us out of our funk! thanks for sharing it =)