Wednesday, March 17, 2010

More Belated September Pictures And An Update...

Belated September 2009 , First few days of school... I LOVE how this outfit came together. She loves having her hair in pigtails. She loves these sneakers. :-) So fun!!

Belated September 2009 , First few days of school... Very happy!

Belated September 2009 , First few days of school... Luca and Miranda waiting for the bus and enjoying some time with PapĂ  before they leave.

Belated September 2009 , First few days of school... Luca and Miranda with the school in the background...

Belated September 2009 , First few days of school... Luca and Miranda returning after the first day...

Belated September 2009 , First few days of school... Miranda all smiles

Belated September 2009 , First few days of school... Miranda from the back, curly headed and with her Flintstones backpack on.

Belated September 2009, First few days of school... Antonio entering the 4th Grade, Giosaia entering 2nd grade...

So, we are nearing the end of this virus that has been making its rounds over here. My oldest is at the tail end of it, and should be going back to school tomorrow. Hopefully my hubby and I and the baby will not get it, that it will just pass us by. I hope so, but if not, it will pass completely, eventually.

That all said, I had a very traumatic prayer time with kids this morning. Now, many of you may not agree with sometimes being bluntly honest with kids. I mean, there are lots of conversations that complete honesty is NOT appropriate. I will not list examples, as I am sure you can come up with some on your own. But, there are times when it IS necessary to give them a good dose of honesty so that they can see that the world does NOT revolve around them. That was not my purpose this morning, but it ended up being that way.

I explained to them, in very gentle, childlike, but blunt, terms what happened (see below), and how we need to reach out with love and care to the Body Of Christ, to our brothers and sisters in the faith. I wept as I implored Jesus to touch our hearts with love, compassion, and concern, and that He would help us to be "truly thankful". I wept as I told my kids how my greatest desire for them is that they would Choose to follow Jesus with all of their hearts, souls, mind, and strength. I wept as I told them of so many people, even children, being hurt and killed because of their faith. That they stood firm because they KNEW the truth. That Jesus IS Lord.

We need to stand firmly, faithfully, with courage and strength. We need to encourage those who are being persecuted, torchured, and abused for just standing up for what they believe in, for not conforming to terrorists, dictators, and unholy holy men. Our kids DO sometimes need to see the horrors of earthquakes and tragedy, so they can also excercise the wonderful and most powerful tool of prayer. They are children, but... that does not mean that they are useless little people. Rather, Jesus said, "Let the little children come to me..." Why? Because when they believe, they believe with their whole heart, with complete faith and trust, to their God. That is how we must all be.

Are we reaching out to others with the love of Christ "to the least of these"? Are we excercising our God-given right of prayer? Others are suffering to maintain their right. Are we appreciative of that or do we just burrow ourselves into our lives, pretending that everything is okay? It isn't. And I would rather that my kids grow to be great men and women for Jesus by exercising their souls to pray, reach out, care, love, grow, than to have them become the inconsistent, comatose, weak believer that I have sometimes been. I want them to know the POWER of Jesus, to be used as Samuels, Hannahs, Deborahs, Daniels... I want them to someday reach the gates of heavens, to fall into the arms of Jesus, and to hear "Well done, thou good and faithful servant." I cannot force them to decide or to choose for themselves, but I CAN and I WILL try to convince them, try to live my life in such a way, that they will want to.

(By the way, I don't let my kids see everything. No. I need to use wisdom and discernment in teaching and training my kids. Not all of my kids are ready to hear or see the horrors that occur in this world. But, I can share some tidbits with them without harming or traumatizing them. I try to watch for and take advantage of teachable moments. And I pray, all that time, that God will help me to do what is right.)

So, with that in mind, please consider praying for organizations helping those in need in various ways. Praying about how you can be proactive in reaching out to others.


  1. your children are growing up so fast and they are all beautiful!! so cute to see them so excited for school (especially miranda with her flintstone backpack=) and as for sharing the "burden" of this world with our kids, i don't think it's wrong to let them know without giving them the details but so that they can hear and know that the world doesn't just revolve around them but that the God of the universe holds the world they live in and cares deeply for them and for those who suffer. thanks for sharing that and being you =)

  2. Miranda in pigtails???? She never used to let you touch her hair!!!! She looks so adorable. I'm so proud of her. But she looks so grown up, and that makes me happy and sad at the same time.

  3. Thanks, Claudia!!! Love you...

    Elaine, I know... She now likes them in pigtails. I will not let her wear them during the winter, but she is already gearing up for nicer weather. :-) And, I know... happy and sad at the same time. sigh...

    I feel that way about your kids, too, Claudia... watching them grow up... makes me feel happy and sad at the same time.