Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Virus Upon Us, Pictures, And Hope...

(Belated September 2009) My dog,Toby... My brother-in-law found him. He had been mistreated and was super timid. Still is. But look how cute. He is name after a childhood favorite movie, Toby Tyler.

(Belated September 2009: Miranda and Dario chilling on the glider...Yes, that is a detergent container cap that she is playing with. It makes a great cup. Hah!)

(Belated September 2009)Giosaia Lost His First Tooth!

(Belated September 2009) Dario Sleeping After Eating

(Belated September 2009)

(Belated September 2009: I caught Dario eating rice from the stove. He is quick. He figured out how to climb onto the counter, was hungry, and decided he wanted what was in the pot. Good thing it was cooled off. (P.S. To keep a kid calm enough to take a picture of him while in a potentially dangerous spot... DON'T rush at him! Go calmly or he will panic as you are. Just something I had to learn the hard way.):-)

So, now we have a virus going around our kids... not so much vomitting, but really strong stomach cramps and the runs. Interesting virus. Not so comfortable. Has lasted about 4-6 days for the first two recipients. Who is next, I wonder???

Well, as much as I always seem to be sharing a new adventure in family drama or illness with you, I will tell you honestly... this winter has been quite a good one. We have had a pretty healthy fall and winter, in spite of our month long bout of the chicken pox, various colds, and some scattered viruses along the way.

There has been no bronchitis, not RSV, no pneumonia, etc... Things are not perfect, but... I will count my blessings!!!

With that, I will leave you with a few very belated pictures from September 2009!

Oh, and Spring is almost here!! Tell me that is not great news!! Woohoo!


    I love the photo of Dario by the big pot! LOL He is a quick one! The kids are all getting so big! Giosaia looks so tan in that photo! haha!
    We love you all....and love reading about your "dailies" on here...helps us feel connected. Give everyone a big hug and a smooch from Zia who misses them SOoooo much!
    Love you!

  2. Oh my gosh! Those kids are wayyyy too cute. Giosaia must be about my granddaughter's age. She just turned 7.

  3. The kids look tan because we had just gotten back from the beach. Remember these are belated September pictures. Seems like so long ago. :-) Will pass along the love, J!!!

    And, Catherine.L.M... Nice to see you over here. Yes, Giosaia is 7 1/2 half. I felt bad not posting picture of my other two as well, but decided it best to post something rather than nothing. I have five, and these three fall into second, fourth, and fifth. :-) Thanks for stopping by!!

  4. Celita, thanks for the update and sharing so much in one sitting (or was it a few days sitting into one post?) You are amazing to share what's on your heart and your love and passion for the Lord and how you share it with your children. God bless you and that's for your kind heart and inspiring other parents. You have been through so much and I know you wouldn't ever forget that your whole family had chicken pox at the same time. I know you can laugh at it as the years go by! :) It's almost like when everything seems to break down in the house at the same time or the car or whatever. Sometimes it can be sad and depressing and overwhelming but God is always in control and we know it. I love you cousin, Love Susan