Friday, April 9, 2010

Am I Really Raising One???...

This post made me cringe and smile all at once... Go see why... In the end, I am happy with our decision to move to Campagnia, located in southern Italy. It certainly is full of differences from what I have ever known in MY life. And I DO recognize many of the numbers on Mandy's list, click on above link.

It is okay. I am trusting Jesus to form us into what is perfect for His will in us. If I trust what I see, I would just live stressed out FOREVER. But that is why we are called to "walk by faith and not by sight." Our God takes the normal, every day things, and can create them to be extraordinary.

That is what I am trusting Him for, in my life, my marriage, in my kids, as He files down the rough edges and grows us in His loving care, passion, and joy.

Here is the comment I left on the above link...

"OH, NO!! Sounds to me like I recognize just one too many of those things mentioned on your list... I suppose I just chucked it up to being "Country Folk" now, but... I just may be raising my own 1/2 hillbillies... here in Italy. AHH! Problem is... I am so not a country folk. I am a suburban mamma thrust into country life. Yard art!!! hahahahahahaha!!! I tried counting bathtubs as I passed a long stretch of houses here in the country, in southern Italy. I had to give up. Too many. They have gotten really good at recylcling such said items... Great for handwashing a comforter that is too big to fit into a teeny washing machine (Been there, done that.)... Great for feeding the animals one may have on their farm. Great for, what you said, yard art... sitting there just because. sigh... there are pluses and minuses to everything."

Now, question... Is what she shared "hillbilly" or just being very COUNTRY? Help ease my mind.

Peace be unto you... :-)


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