Thursday, April 15, 2010

Belated January 8, 2010- Our Birthday...

My friend Kathy, with her youngest daughter, M., and me...

One of his surprises was a package sent from my parents... :-)

My oldest son, Antonio, was born on my 24th birthday. We celebrated our special celebration day simply this year. I originally had a party planned for him, but we had to adjust those plans. I was disappointed about that, but I had no choice. We ended up just having an ice cream cake for us.

Then for a special birthday treat for me, Anthony gave me a choice of where I wanted to go in the evening- Just us. Instead of picking a nice meal with him, I chose to go to a special service at my friend, Kathy's, church. It was a blessing, one I desperately needed.

Thank you for your patience with me, Jesus, and for loving me through and in my insecurities and emotional moments and in my failings--- through each and every moment, day, challenge, and triumph of my life. Sigh...I love You. And, thank you, Anthony, for that night.

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  1. the simple birthdays are the best! so glad you were able to be filled up spiritually on your special day =)