Tuesday, May 18, 2010

April 29, 2010 Allergy Testing...

Waiting for possible hives to form.

Dr. C to right, Nurse to left (as you look at the picture) They gave Luca a certificate for his good behaviour. He was very pleased. He sat through the prick test and while the hives formed. He itched for a bit, but came through just fine.

Luca went for allergy testing and was confirmed to have a variety of things that aid in his respiratory issues. Asthma is being prompted by these buggers, and he now requires medication to be able to go from day to day comfortably, at least for most of the year. Thank You, Lord, for Your help, wisdom, and direction. We were directed to a very sweet allergist by Miranda's and Dario's pediatrician. Thank you, Dottoressa N.!!!

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