Wednesday, May 19, 2010

May 12-16, 2010 Luca's 6th Birthday And Party...

Luca's Actual Birthday Day...

At least two of us are happy... What happened, Miranda? Don't be cranky.

I wanted this, Grandma! Thank you... (Mom, I know you gave this to him last time we went, but I just gave it to him, since he is starting first grade next year. He loves it!)

Luca's Party

The card I made for Luca... Bolt's Bone...

Dogs, Dogs, Dogs...

Waiting for guests to arrive. All kids are wearing something dog related. No costumes, just little things.

Thank You, Jesus, for the great ideas and the help to make the cakes just right. Yay!

Luca's Dog Bone cake... (candy outline bone filled in with white icing.) That yellow was perfect and so bright and cheerful!

Bolt's Lightning Pawprint Cake... (I really like my new Wilton dyes!!! So concentrated, I did not have to worry about running out of yellow to get a bright color... Just two dips of the toothpick and then mixed! Nice!)

The two cakes... One dog related, one "Bolt" related. :-)

This is hilarious!! I text messaged this guest about having them dress up as dogs for the party, if they wanted to. He asked if even adults had to, to which I said, "Sure! Please do!" But he said he only had a horse's head, no dogs. Then I remembered a bit of trivia from the movie, Hidalgo. You can check here for the reference. Apparently, the Sioux word for "horse" actually means "big dog". So I said that the horse mask would be fine, and that from now on I would call him, "Big Dog." hahahahahahahahhaah! He added just the greatest laugh for everyone when he showed up like this. Anthony did not believe he would when I said what happened. Boy, was he surprised!! It was great. Grazie, C!!! hahahahahahahaha!!

E in her doggy mask. So creative! And she and her sister gave them to Luca when the party was done. Nice! They are enjoying them.

S in her dog mask... cute, huh?

After instructions, ready to begin the Sniff-and-Find Candy Hunt...

The Sniff-and-find Candy Hunt was successfully completed!! :-)

The kids delved into their found "treasures". Yes, I got them all hyped on candy. Everyone else does it to me, and this was an easy and super fun game for them.

I just had to participate myself. Woof!

Blowing out the candle...

Luca's guests...

Something very funny just happened... Don't ask, I don't know. I was mostly with the kids.

Listening to some conversation... sorry so blurry.

I and S... again, sorry so blurry... Ugh.

Baby M is getting so big!!! She is turning into a big girl right before our eyes!

Miranda with M and I...

Free play time... Animals! What else? hahahah...

Free play time... Thanks, mom, for the free entertainment... Animals, animals everywhere! :-)

Luca with S and E. They gave him the pants and shirt set. He likes clothes!

Luca and his 10 year old cousin, S. She made him this card of "Bolt", and she and her family gave him a new watch. He loved both items!

Grandma and Grandpa sent a surprise package from the States for Luca's birthday! Nonna and Nonna gave him money, which he was excited about. Mamma and PapĂ  had some small gifts and provided activities, food, and fun for a howling party. The theme was "Dogs", but I added a side theme of "Bolt". Luca likes the movie, and so do I.

I decorated with all dog paraphernalia I could find. I made the cakes from scratch, and decorated them myself. We had a Sniff-and-find Candy hunt; had Dog Charades which then changed to Animal Charades; played Dog 7-Up which then changed to Animal 7-Up; had "Bolt" on for backgroud entertainment;and ate cake, laughed, and just had a great time.

Oh, S, I, and M, I am so sorry I did not get a picture of you with Luca and the gift you gave. They gave him a Speed Racer double-looped racetrack.

Luca, we are celebrating God's faithfulness to you. We are rejoicing because of this life with which He has blessed you and us. "Let your light shine brightly for Jesus, my son. May God "bless you, keep you, make His face shine upon you, be gracious to you, and give you peace. (Numbers 6:24-26) Amen!"


  1. looked like an awesome dog party! you always do such a wonderful job with their parties and you are so good at those cakes!!

  2. Fun Bday party!!! Happy Birthday Luca! Zio, Zia and ALLLLLL the girls love you!