Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Creative Day Over At Jen's Blog...

My friend, Jen, mentioned this really great idea for a preschooler's game. I just had to share, since I think that even my older ones would enjoy it... Click on her link above to see the whole post. Below is the basic gist of the game.

"Here's how you play... :) When it's your turn you have to declare what action you will do. For example: make animal noises, jump, sing, clap, flap your arms, ride a pretend bicycle in the air (Eric and Sam laugh a lot when I choose this one), etc. Then you roll the dice and do that activity that number of times, or number of seconds. :) It turns out to be quite comical. So, if you and your family need something new to do...get out a kleenex box!"

And, if you have any creative ideas to share to make this summer fun and enjoyable, and at least a little bit educational, feel free to share!! Thank you!


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