Saturday, July 17, 2010

July Episode of: Adventures In Parenting... But Mostly In Trusting God!!!...

Below are the messages I sent out by email to family and friends during our latest dramatic moment, from a week ago (occurred the weekend of July 10th and 11th). I will praise God for His faithfulness and care to my son. He has done a miracle in protecting my baby, and He is SO good. Cling to Him!! Trust in Him! Believe in Him!!

And, Now... here is our latest "Adventure in Trusting"...

Note #1 Email titled "Lye: A Cruel Sort Of Suffering..."

Please pray for Dario. Anthony will take him to the eye doctor tomorrow, if we can get an appointment. Yesterday, Saturday, the 10th of July, The kids were playing outside. I heard screaming from Dario, rushed out and saw him covered in white powder. As we have sand and other construction equipment around, I just rushed to flush out his eye, but thought nothing else of it.

Unfortunately, he had a really rough evening. I took him to a local emergency aid center, and explained that his eye was really red and swollen because of sand thrown in his eye, and we were given a medicine to aid him.

I am horrified to announce that I was wrong. My heart hurts as I have just this afternoon (a little after 24 hours after the incident!) realized that it was not sand, but LYE that was thrown in his face. Thank the Lord I flushed out his face long and hard. Really, the poor kid is afraid of my kitchen faucet now, but today he seemed much better. Sensitive, but more himself. Only, today as I realized it was lye, I feet HORRIBLE… after doing some reading, I am praying with all my heart that his eyes will not be permanently affected by the chemical. I am crushed as I think about how much he suffered yesterday, and that I did not realize.

What you see in the pictures, what I thought was like sand burn, was really chemical burn. Sniff-sniff…

I did not catch it on in time, and I am just horrified about it. I assure you, I feel bad enough, and I am really hesitant and emotional talking about it.

I am REALLY asking for prayer that all goes well, and that I have peace in my heart. Now I just feel like a horrible mother. May God forgive me for not understanding his suffering. May God help us and let him be okay. He is actually acting normal now, so we just want to make sure he is okay.

I feel REALLY bad, and I really don’t want to answer a bunch of questions at this time. Thanks…

I love you, thanks for listening, and for praying. I know you will…


Dario and the burn under his eye... (taken July 11, 2010... it currently does not exist anymore. There is just a pink mark now. will try to take pictures again soon.)

Note #2

Just wanted to let you know that we took Dario to his pediatrician this morning. After explaining our dramatic weekend, and after she checked him out, she was very enthusiastic and said that for all the craziness… he looks like he is fine. Obviously for precaution we are still taking him to the eye doctor, but they had no appointments today. So we will go tomorrow afternoon. Dario is acting just like Dario. The burn under his eye is being kept clean with saline solution. Thanks those of you who reminded me about that in my shocked moment. And the doctor said that it is crusting well and should be fine once it falls off. I wonder if there will be some scarring, but… I am trying not to dwell on it much. As long as his eyes are okay.

Now… prayer is needed for tomorrow’s appointment. May the Lord help us as we try to get Dario to cooperate and LET the doctor look at his eyes. Sigh…

I praise the Lord for helping me to react in a time of necessity. I praise Him for friends and family whom have been a most appreciated source of encouragement and prayer. I praise Him for my most wonderful children, Dario being mentioned for now because he is such a good sport and such a joy in my life. I praise my Lord for His protection and care for my family and for daily letting me see the evidence and power of prayer.

May He bless each of you today and throughout this week. Glorify the Lord with me!! Hugs and much love…


Me, Miranda, and Dario

Note #3

First I want to say… There has been a misunderstanding on my part. Not that it changes things. I chalk it up to having emergencies and misunderstandings due to a different language. Anyhow… My friend Kathy is married to Ciro. Ciro is Napoletano and also teaches English. So, when he heard the explanation of what happened to Dario, He was a little confused about some of the words used to explain what happened. So… Lye is not what I explained it to be. After some research on their part, they determined… the material that was thrown in Dario’s face was LIME. Either way it burned under his eye, can make someone blind, and is dangerous. But, figured I would fix that.

And, secondly, yesterday was Dario’s eye appointment. Poor kid fussed a bunch, but for being 2 and half did great. The doctor, hahahahah, kept reassuring me that she could not at all determine how his actual eye sight was. DUH!! And I kept reassuring her that ALL I wanted to know was if his actual eye was okay, not scratched, not damaged in any way. The result!! HE IS JUST FINE!!

Praise the Lord with me again!!

I do have one prayer request. I have noticed that he is still horribly afraid of our kitchen faucet, after his dousing, but not only that, seems to also be horribly afraid of running water in general, and the bathroom sink now, too. He panics every time I go to wash his hands. Please pray that the Lord heals his little heart, and dulls that fear in his heart. God has healed and protected my son. I have seen His wonderful and mighty hand move in my family this weekend, and I am here to say. PRAISE HIS NAME!!! We serve a faithful and powerful Lord!!

Thank you for your prayers, encouragement, and care. It has meant more than I can say. Please know that I love you dearly. Feel free to share this glorious and joyous news with whomever you like. May it bring glory and honor to the name of Jesus!!!

With a grateful and blessed heart,



  1. Wow! Praise God he is okay! So sorry you had to go through all that!

  2. i'm just seeing this now as we were on vacation when you posted this but i am so greatful and thankful to God for his protection over dario!! will pray that God heals the wound of his heart and mind over the incident and will no longer be afraid of the water in Jesus name!!!