Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Update For This First Week of July 2010...

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Life!! Been busy. Kids out of school and trying to keep them occupied. Anyone have some neat activities, crafts, or experiments that I can add to my ideas pile??? Pass them on.

I have been making papercut trading cards, and receiving some lovely trades for them. I have been reading to the kids alot. Many years ago my mom gave me some of her books from when she was a kid. We are on the last of three books about Pippi Longstocking by Astrid Lindgren. I have been very pleased at how much my older two have especially comprehended the funny things within. So pleased. We have laughed together quite often. Hahahahah!!

Our addition is coming along. I have so many pictures to post, but at the moment, I haven't time. I hope to post them soon. We officially have the windows and doors blocked up so that it is looking like a house now, and less like a car garage. ;-)

I have been doing summer homework with the older boys, to keep them up on, especially, mathmatics (I think I have learned, the only way to really deal with multiplication tables is to memorize, memorize, memorize.) :-) They are having fun taking an animal a day from a book we have, drawing the related picture, reading out loud, and then writing five facts that they have learned about that animal. It has been fun to see their excitement and to watch them learn.

Well, hmmmm... I have yet to post many things. For now, I MUST be off to bed. Thanks for checking in. (I hope I have not lost all of you... sigh) Blessings and peace to you!!


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  1. ahhh you should know you'll never lose me on here...i'm always checking in to see what my sweet cousins are up to over this vast ocean that separates us =) glad to hear you are enjoying the lazy days of summer...can't wait to see updated pics of the addition and hopefully one day to see it in person!!