Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thanksgiving Day 2010... And Our Medical Soap Opera...


Listening to beautiful music...

My dear friend, Gio... Honoring the kid's request to play the flute for them... They loved their private recital. :-)

Left leg burn... not so bad as right leg.

Right leg burn within first day... Looks a little different today. sigh...

The flower in my front side window... Sweet.

Window guys/dry wall guys... Group picture. :-)

Our newly arrived front door... installed ON Thanksgiving. A very big answer to prayer. Finished installation of windows and all the day after Thanksgiving.

Our house addition to this day... Coming along, isn't it? Sorry I have been so long in showing you.

The kids with their haircuts to deal with a recent lice case in our home. All gone now, praise God! hahahah...

Not too many weeks ago, we had a lice infestation which had me cut ALL of my super long hair off. I can't do much with it now, except look like when my baby girl was three with little hair sticking straight up in little fountains. hahahah... or wear a hat. At least it will grow back. Oh, and that is a BIG torrone my hubby brought back to me from a work trip. Yummy, and such a sweet thought. Thank you, Anthony.

I sent out this email to family and friends on November 18th, days before the event I have to share next.

"I came across a quote that just knocked me off my feet yesterday. “… there can be no healing without thanksgiving…” by Martin Rinkart… Then… 1 Thessalonions says, “in all things give thanks...” I know that life is full of challenge and trial. But…. I think God is challenging me to really focus on HIM through it all, to praise, pray, and wait with thanksgiving. Not easy, but wow for the relief and joy that comes out of it.

Please DO pray for us when you think of us...

With that in mind… Happy and blessed Thanksgiving!!

Celita and family"

Keeping that in mind, please continue to the rest of my shared words. I assure you, there is much to be thankful for. :-)


This is my note to family and friends today... discussing our Thanksgiving Day:

"(per voi chi leggono solo in Italiano…scusami… non ho fatto traduzione, pero ti può fare sul internet o qui sul blog. Spero ti fa piacere capire che ha successo. Ti vogliamo tanto bene… :-) )

We had a great Thanksgiving Day… In general. Well, it started off with some difficulties, but I was just so excited that I took it as it came. Basically, we originally had plans to spend the day together, but we found out that the window guys decided that day to bring the windows and beginning installing. After a moment’s hesitation, I became very excited as I realized that God had brought an answer to a significant prayer request on this Thanksgiving Day. I was very grateful. Originally we intended on doing family time today, Saturday, instead. More on that later.

Anyhow… in the morning, Anthony hurt himself. Pulled a muscle or slightly ripped it, I am not sure, as he would not listen to me when I said to go get it checked out. But, he did keep going full steam ahead, until… he fell into a hole and hurt himself further. Up until this point I had cleaned and cooked and almost fully accomplished everything we needed to for a couple of friends coming over in the evening. Seeing Anthony in pain, I told him he should sit in the tub and soak a bit. Well, I had to help him, he was feeling that bad. He could not stand straight up and so, I got him settled, then said I would be back after I checked on the food. I had left a good sized turkey leg (much bigger than in the States) in the oven, and some things warming on the stove.

So… the kids were watching tv not far from the kitchen, and I saw that they were content. I went to check on the meat inside the oven. I turned the pan, slightly with my left hand to the left part of the pan, so I could get a better look at the turkey and to see if there was enough liquid inside. Wouldn’t you know it, the pan started to slide and in my fear of burning my hand near the inside of the stove, I let go just a moment to adjust my grip, only to have it slide faster and me not be able to catch it!! I caught the pan mid-air only to have ALL the liquid inside jump out and land…… IN MY LAP. I let out a blood-curdling scream that just shocked the life out of my poor kids, and then all went into action.

Here is where you MUST know… God is faithful!!! Praise His name!!!

I immediately recalled stuff I had read about several times. I felt like the Lord was whispering His directions to me, in my shock and pain. I did all I was supposed to, and realized that the kids were just so upset, so I am grateful that the Lord helped me be “with it” enough to give them jobs to do… one, go get the medical book and find the section on “burns”, another get me the ibuprofen (ASAP), another clean up that mess on the floor please, another get me the blanket off the sofa so I can cover myself after removing my burning pants, another even without asking ran upstairs to get his father.

I was standing leaning against the kitchen counter by the sink when I glanced up to find… Anthony bent over like an old man, barely able to walk, standing there, with a towel around his middle and dripping water and soap. “What happened!! What can I do?” Honestly, I laughed in that moment. DO??? Get upstairs and get back in the tub!!! Hahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahaha!!!

I thought… LOOK AT US! We are a mess! We have guest-friends coming, and though everything else is ready, we are just a big ole mess.

That happened about… 10 minutes to 6., and our friends were supposed to arrive about 8:30. By the time they arrived we had managed to get everything set, feed the kids, and all.

I thank God for my girlfriend’s reminder that shorts might be better than keeping the pants rolled up to the top part of my thighs. Hahahahah
I thank God for this same girlfriend bringing her flute at the request of my kids, and playing marvellous joy into our heart… and SO pleasing my kids…
I thank God for helping us in our time of need.
I thank God for my kids who were SO helpful, listened to instruction, and just did a spectacular job.
I thank God for time with special friends who just were great to be with. We laughed and shared and ended off watching 2 episodes of The Cosby Show (aka The Robinsons here in Italy—who knew? Apparently, the Huxtables are too difficult to say for an Italian. Hahahahahahah) what better way to end off than laughing even more together.

We had a great, though very adventurous, Thanksgiving. Praise the Lord- for He is good, and His mercy endures forever. I know the situation could have been many, many times worse than it was. I have mostly 1st degrees, with small streaks of 2nd degree burns. It could have landed on my face, my chest, or my belly, and while the legs are also not ideal, I assure you, it would have been far worse anywhere else.

I was reminded of a couple of things while everything was happening. One, Anthony cannot say I read too much, as stuff like this certainly is handy and worthwhile knowing. Hahahahahahah. Two, I found it so amazing to have joy, peace, and laughter even in the time of such odd stress. I know the Lord is helping me to deal with pain and in managing with life, which has kept going full force even though I have slowed down. I thank God for a nephew who could initially get me burn cream from the pharmacy while Anthony was laid up himself. There is just so much to be grateful for…

I thank God for my kids who have had to give up Saturday family time because what we planned to do is not possible as I cannot walk too much or too far. I thank God for His courage, His help, His care., His love… THANK YOU; JESUS!!!

While it was happening, I was reminded of a story in “Foxe’s Book Of Martyrs”. A powerful and intense book, if you have not read it. It discusses many generations of Christians who suffered for their faith and sited examples and individual’s stories.

(paraphrase from memory) I remember one story about a man living here in Europe, I believe. He was a man who wanted the normal poor people to understand God’s word, and at the time, was forbidden to do so. At the time, only a trained pastor, minister, priest was able to, or “intended to”, understand and utilize the Holy Scriptures, and to relay them to the peasants. This man refused to denounce how he felt about his faith and refused to back down and submit to a way of doing things that he knew were not pleasing or acceptable before God. He was pronounced a heretic and told he would suffer the fate of burning at the stake. While they were preparing him: tying him to the pole, getting the dry brush by his feet, he announced that before God he would not allow these people, hungry for his blood, the satisfaction of crying out in pain or fear. He believed God would give him the strength to do just as he had said. And… as the flames grew and grew, the crowd was amazed and quieted as, sure enough, he died quietly, praying to and praising His Father and Lord.

As I was burning, myself, this man- his courage and faith- came to mind. Even while standing up for what he believed in… I don’t know or understand how he was able not to scream, but I do know that my Jesus is faithful, caring, and so good. He IS SUFFICIENT for all of our needs. While we may suffer, He is able to bring relief, to bring joy and hope and peace to our hearts. When we trust Him with all of our hearts, and listen to His voice, while we remember that He said He would never leave or forsake us, He is ALWAYS there… Keeping this in mind, we can be okay in any circumstance, not matter how awful.

Please, know that I am rejoicing and so blessed. I pray that you will also come to know Him and His goodness in a very personal way. He loves you so much. Remember that.

This experience has become number one on my “God please don’t ever let me go through this again” list, with mastitis and Dario’s traumatic birth under, and lice somewhere after. Hahahahahahahha… Yes, I hate lice that much. But, I know that God has a purpose for all things. I may not understand now, there is healing that needs to take place, to be sure, but I also know that I now have an understanding about something like this that I did not have before. I think about women in Iran or Pakistan who are burned by chemicals in their face, who have been caught in house fires and damaged intensely. I think of so many things, and have a clearer, though not perfect, understanding of how to pray for them.

It was intense, but I was NEVER alone. Praise Jesus!

With that all in mind… Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!! GOD BLESS YOU and MINISTER TO YOU!!! :-)

With a grateful heart, lotsa love, and a great big hug,
Celita and family… :-)

[Please don’t feel bad. I am sharing because I want you to REJOICE with me!!!] ;-)


For some perspective, my father-in-law just came up to me and said, "How's are your legs?" I showed him the signs of my experience, and he said, "Wow, you're cooked." I know it is odd, but it made me giggle. Yup, but I am looking forward to seeing the Lord doing a mighty work in my healing and in opportunities for me to encourage and understand others. Hey, isn't it better to find the positive and not dwell on being depressed and overwhelmed through the trials? It is only by His strength, joy, hope, and peace. Thank you, Jesus!

I certainly request prayer, and I will do my best to let you know if anything changes or the progress. Soon...

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Romans 15:13...

Titled: Romans 15:13 (Which says... "May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit." ... FROM MAY 2008

Seeing as how I am coming to realize that challenges have been hurting many people I know, I thought I would pass along another papercut I did back in 2008. This image is how I felt then, and how I have felt many times since then… but I KNOW that I KNOW that I KNOW that Jesus has been there all along. He is our strength, our joy, our praise, our hope, our faithful GOD and FATHER. “Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him; and He will direct your paths.” (Proverbs 3:5-6)

My papercut images can be found at I would love to hear if (and, if you like, how) they have ministered to you or others, as that brings encouragement to my heart as well. What a lovely cycle of praise and testimonies!!! Blessings…

Clinging and fully convinced of the goodness of the Lord no matter what,


Wounds Of My Heart...

Titled: God Is Bigger Than...

Hello, dear ones… I made this for a cousin of mine at the beginning of this year (January 2010). It so spoke to my heart even as I gazed on its completion, and, even now it makes me glad and seems fitting for the end of this year. May it be a pleasant reminder to you today… I know it is for me. Sigh… faithful Lord be part of this day.


You can find more of my papercuts at

Rescue Me...

Titled “Rescue Me based on Psalm 144:7” which says, “Stretch out Your hand from above; Rescue me and deliver me out of great waters…”

Not too long ago, after a few days of intense trial and challenge, I was feeling just DONE. I lay on the sofa and willed myself into a dark and not supremely restful nap. But before I dozed off, I had a vision in my head of THIS. My trials were swirling me and threatening to overwhelm and overpower me, and my soul was crying out for His hand to rescue me. When I made this I had not found the verse yet. When I did, it fit JUST PERFECTLY. I hope it blesses you as it has me. He is there, always there, never leaving or forsaking. Trust Him to hear you, see you, know you. And, may you sense His presence even in the darkest moments. When you feel the most DONE may you see His hand work and move in the most remarkable ways. He is able, nothing is impossible with Him. He cares, lean on Him.

Broken and blessed,

Celita :-)

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