Friday, December 24, 2010

December 24, 2010... Medical Soap Opera Update #2...

I have been wanting to update you with pictures and such for weeks now, but life goes on, even after a challenge arises, so... I will do it now. Thank you to ALL of you who have been thinking of and praying for me and my family during this burn/healing challenge. God has been with me every step of the way. I have felt His help in every moment.

I had an interesting first three weeks, but on the third week, took a different direction in the healing process. You will notice below that scabs fell off, for the most part, by the third week. Aside from the initially burning, the scab process was the most painful part. After three weeks of walking distortedly, because of the scab not allowing me to stand straight on account of pulling, and the pain of leaning especially to my right, I am currently trying to retrain my legs to work as they should. The muscles weakened quite a bit, and my range of motion is not what it was. Getting better, though. Thank the Lord.

Midway through the scab healing part, I had two interesting incidences that made me laugh... I got stuck standing on a chair, when my legs decided that getting down was too hard for them to accomplish. Had to call my husband to help me. Kind of embarrassing as he scolded me for getting in the chair to begin with, but also humorous all the same. And, then, in an effort to help my daughter put away some toys, I sat on the floor, but... could not get back up again without help. Sigh... my legs are still recovering but... doing much better.
:-) Please continue to pray for me as my back and knees suffered quite a bit, and need time to be strengthened as well.

Taken December 7th... Both of my legs. Using the "humid" treatments, with creams and medicated gauze, wrapping with gauze and sausaging up my legs in wrapping, which you can see by my ankles. :-)

Taken December 7th... My right leg. you can see the skin beginning to pull and crinkle. It is healing for sure. Still doing the treatment that is "humid". Getting around well. Able to accomplish some things.

Taken December 12th... Both of my legs after applying the "drying" medicine. This was the worst. Once this medicine began drying up the scabbing, after seeing that the skin was pink underneath, the pain became more intense as movement shifted the scabs and caused them to pull and rub. Anyhow... you get the idea. I did not accomplish very much during this process. Hard to get around.

Taken December 12th... My right leg after putting on "drying" medicine... I called them my "desert legs" on account of how they looked. hahahahahah!!

Taken December 12th... My husband and me... :-)

Taken December 14th... Both of my scabby legs... Sorry, not pretty.

Taken December 14th... Scabs on my right leg. They kept pulling on my skin, any leg hairs, the gauze, and any clothes or materials they touched. It was not fun, but I managed.

Taken December 16th... What I looked like for weeks. I could not even let the edges of the shorts touch the burn area, it was so tender. At first I pinned them up, but holes were forming in the material. So... I took string and tied them up. Hey, applause for a bit of ingenuity, please! I looked silly, but it was the only way to go through the days. I still am wearing shorts, just not tied up. See, a bit of improvement. hahahahahah!

Taken December 18th. This is what my legs currently look like. The pink areas are still tender when putting on pants, but I am daily noticing a little less sensitivity. I live in shorts, knee socks, and thick sweaters. hahahahaha.... What a picture!

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