Monday, February 14, 2011

Lilac Lane Cottage Giveaway... Happy One Year Anniversary!...

I am just a little bit beauty-hungry right now, and the only way I could see to do that in my current restlessness was to blog hop.

I came across this giveaway that I think is spectacular. First, I love the blog name... Lilac Lane Cottage. Sigh... I love lilacs. Can't wait to smell them once again. Soon.

Anyhow, here is the link to several giveaways in one... NEAT!

Update February 14, 2011...

After three weeks of trudging through sicknesses of various kinds, we are officially seeing the end. I hope. Only, another challenge has come our way. LICE- Again. (remember we had it at the beginning of November 2010). sigh...

It seems never-ending, you know. The challenges just keep coming, and I keep wondering when they will pause and let me strengthen up a bit. It does not seem that will happen for a little while yet. But, I am grateful. You see, this morning, as I was driving to the pharmacy for the lice shampoo and medicine, I was reminded of how I need to praise God and worship Him in the bad times, good times, so-so times, and in all times.

As I focused on that, on Him, I felt a rush of peace. When I allowed the problems to surface again, I felt panic. As I refocused again, His peace was clear and a healing salve to my aching heart. The whole point is... we must stay focused on Jesus. No matter what. He has promised to "never leave or forsake us". He said He will be our Help, our Rock, our Source of joy, hope, peace. Nothing is bigger than Him, not even a lice epidemic. Nothing is bigger or stronger than Him. The amazing thing is... He loves you and me, and He is there to comfort us when we are weak, tired, discouraged, or just plain blah. He is there in the good and bad; He is faithful to give us what we need for every moment of every day, of every trial. And He only asks for us to trust and surrender. I know, I know, that is a lot ot ask, you are thinking, right?

Yet... I would challenge you to do it. Why? because as I keep exercising myself, building endurance, and practicing trusting and surrendering, I am seeing that He is allowing me to truly REST in Him, feel His peace even more, even in the hardest times.

I am glad that this time I know what to expect with the lice thing. While it is uncomfortable and terribly inconvenient, I can get through it. Just like I did last time, if not better.

My kids are prepared as well, and not freaking out.

The timing hit at an odd time, but... at least it did not hit a week later, or my son, who has to have some medical stuff done, would have had to do his lice curing at the same time as spending time in the hospital. I mean, the timing hit at just the PERFECT wrong time. hahahahahhahahaha... Wrong time since, when is it really a good time to get lice, anyhow? hahahahhahahah... but, really, it is the perfect timing, if we were going to get it anyhow. It could be worse, and I just want to say...

Thank You, Jesus, for having our times in Your hands, for working out Your perfect will and way in our lives as we trust You, and for loving us so very much. May we bless Your heart today and during these days of recovery and "de-contamination".

Blessings to each of you, dear ones. May God bless this day, and may He encourage your hearts is an wonderful and surprising way today.

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