Saturday, March 12, 2011


I am having a "missing" day... I miss many things which you may only roll your eyes at, and say, "Goodness, is she still on that track?" Yes, I am, and because there are those who will not understand, I will not say what I am missing. Let us just say that I am grateful for what I have. God has blessed us. But... I just think about about milestones I and my family can never have again. I remember things that began as challenges and ended in tremendous blessing. I miss loved ones who have passed on. I miss... I miss... I miss...

Today is just one of those days, but tomorrow should be better. At least, I think so. If not, rest assured, I will not write another "missing" note quite so soon.

I am looking forward to Spring, for its new beginnings, the return of more sun, BUTTERFLIES, and blooming flowers. I love spring here in Italy. I think that I need to have a "thankful" moment...

Lord, thank you for...
1) Spring things...
2) smiles and missing teeth
3) knot-"tied" shoes
4) snail mail
5) creative inspiration from the least expected places
6) blog friends and their blogs
7) wildflowers handed to me from 6 year olds
8) the captured memories of photographs
9) hope
10)birds songs and twitterings

That is it for now, as I could go on, but I will leave some for another day... "Count your blessings..." Does wonders for the soul. Now, I am off to stand in the sun and bathe my face in its warm reaching fingers.

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