Monday, May 2, 2011

Lucky? Or Blessed?

I just had a random thought that I decided was worth venting out. Odd that I am on and able to do this, but I will take it when I can get it. So...

Have I mentioned how uncomfortable the word "lucky" is for me? Okay, I very nearly hate the word "lucky"? Yeah, I don't think I have mentioned that before, to anyone. I have just had the realization, so bear with me as I state only a few things. Okay?

"Lucky" feels like "hit or miss", "50/50, like that magic black ball that tells you "don't bet on it", "yeah, right", "I don't think so", etc... "Lucky" makes me anxious and nervous that I will not have what it takes, I am not good enough, like I may not be lucky enough to BE lucky. There is a sense of doubt as to my worth, my ability, my talent, who I am. Kind of like, the possibility of walking across a road blindfolded and expecting not to get hit by a car. Hm... I don't like it.

In other words, I have trouble saying "Good Luck." Not because I don't wish someone well, but because I don't want you to have a chance, I want you to excel. Luck seems so half-cast, like it is okay to just do a little just to get by, or to try and try and feel like a failure when you don't meet up.

So, what can I say instead of "good luck"? I have met with that issue, and sometimes I have said it as I could not think of a substitute at the time. But, what did people say before the phrase "good luck" came about? Now THAT is a thought, isn't it? How about "I wish you well"? "Be blessed"? "Rooting for you"? "I know you can do it"? or any other number of phrases?

Why do I sometimes feel so rushed to say "good luck", when I would much rather say something more meaningful and less cliché? Why would I allow myself to get so caught up and stressed that I cannot even wish someone TRULY, from-the-heart well?

Why am I even harping on this? Well, I have been examining myself. I dislike the phrase so much, and yet I still use it sometimes. It makes me feel a little hypocritical, even though sometimes it is also for convenience: for lack of a better word, or because it is easy enough for anyone to understand in our society.

Have you thought instead about how "blessing" feels? To me it feels like an outpouring of love. It feels like hope being mounted on my shoulders like a lovely, billowy shroud. It is refreshing and light and pleasant.

On that note, I say only this... I do not wish you "luck", but I DO wish you blessing, an outpouring of God's love to overwhelm you with hope, to calm your frazzled nerves, to give you peace in your storms, to give you joy in the midst of hard times. I desire healing for your wounds, strength in your weakness, and Love to wrap His arms around you. I desire you to see and know that God's love is full of such blessing, it is available to you if you just ask Him for it. It is always available to you, always pure, and always fulfilling.


P.S. So you know, I have just added another blog... It is called Tongue-Tried BiLinguist. Check it out HERE...


  1. I am guilty too! I too hate the term lucky. Yet I have been known to use it on occasion too! I too wish you an outpouring of God's love and blessings!

  2. I so agree with you! I DO like "be blessed" so much more -- and yet I always feel sort of self-conscious when I say it -- like I'm trying to be "holy" or something. (Though, of course, there's absolutely NOTHING wrong with being holy!!! It's the sounding like I'm trying to be . . . ;)

    Anyway -- I'm delighted that you stopped by my blog this morning because now I can read YOUR lovely blogs!