Monday, May 30, 2011

Warrior Mamma: Armed And Dangerous...

Honestly, I wasn't going to say anything. I figured that it is big news for me and my family. Well, you might just get a kick out of our newest adventure. I suppose that I have been lax in including much of our recent lives on this blog. I am a bit behind, but let me assure you that this is one of MANY different adventures and incidences that we have been going through over the last while. The Lord has been faithful throughout each challenge, and I have no doubt He will help us through this one as well.


You should have seen me the day, Saturday May 28th, my kids were playing outside, and came charging up to me terrified as they yelled that there were TWO snakes rolling around on the yard ("They were trying to make babies", I told them. Well, they were. Hahahah). They were so scared. After my initial, "That is so cool" thought, I charged after those two black snakes with my slippers on and a shovel and hit one- hard. (Sorry no pictures available...) They slipped through the fence to some high grass. Then I WENT CRAZY trying to find them after I returned to get Anthony’s work boots on as I thought it would be silly for me to be bitten because I charged in unprepared. Duh. My father-in-law saw me and joined in. We discovered where they were planning on making a nice little home for eggs, grrrrr… but they got away again. Since then my father-in-law killed a smaller one, and we saw another on Sunday that we cannot seem to get. Four in one weekend!!!

Thank the Lord they are not vipers (brown with diamonds), which are more venomous and dangerous, but they are still not a wanted creature where children are playing. I am a nature-conscious person. Always have been, but... when nature feels that it must intrude upon my home and solitude and tranquility, that is dangerous for them. I will do what I need to to keep my family safe from harm and to allay fears. I feel more confident now that I don't have to worry what I would do if I came across a snake. I know now. hahahah... I just need to always have a shovel at hand, and I will have no worries. Though, I am not sure how that would go over with being all dressed up and ready to go to church. I do not believe that shovels would be so appreciated in the umbrella stand... ;-) And they are too big to fit in a purse. Hm... May have to brainstorm a sollution to that.


I thought afterwords how I am grateful that my husband is the natural protector of our home. I was thoroughly exhausted after my adventure in the brush. And, as I went to exchange my husband's work boots for my slippers again, I had to pause and take a picture. I thought, "they are sure large shoes to fill." I am grateful for the courage and strength God gives my husband to take care of his responsiblity. Whether that means protecting us, or providing the practical, physical needs of our family.

I do keep thinking about how God is our Protector, and that these snakes are His creation. He can send them away from us. He can keep us safe. But, in an effort to be wise, and get a handle on my current snake paranoia, I am in Warrior Mommy mode… Call me Mommy: Snake Warrior!! Hahahhaha… Thought that might make you laugh, especially as you imagine me daily, before I let the kids out, making my way around our house with a shovel in hand, all firm and businesslike. But, also, please help me pray for safety for us and the kids!! Thanks…

P.S. I do have plans on purchasing my own shovel soon and decorating it in a most girly fashion. Will have to let you know how that goes. Well, frankly, I find a shovel to be a most useful tool,and now I also see the benefits of using it as a weapon. So, purple-flowered, or rainbowed... Not sure yet... Don't be surprised if you come for a visit and see a pretty shovel resting just outside my door. I want to be ready. :-)


  1. Oh how I wish you had pictures of the crazy moments! Mating snakes sound very educational!!! Eric says he's heard the black snakes are natural predators of poisonous ones. Love you.

  2. Oh how I wish you had pics! Eric says he's heard that the black snakes help keep away worse snakes.
    Love you!

  3. Love the shovel shot! What a day that must have been! (lol)

  4. What a colorful description of a most exciting chapter in your life! Whew! Michal (my google account has not been working lately!)