Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Wonder Of Time And Simplicity...

I am sitting here in wonder. First, I have a few moments to write on the blog! Wow! But an even bigger "wow" is how fast this year has passed me by. I honestly feel that it has just begun, and, yet, here we are at the end. I have been dreading looking at the calendar as I prepare to do our family newsletter. I am not sure if I am ready to remember some of what has occurred, but I do know that God has been faithful through it all.

So, for this post, I thought I would remind you that along with the newsletter that I do a the end of this year (or should I say the beginning of next year?), I have also been adding a portion related to my "word of the year". Last year was my first year doing this, and I have found it to be a truly interesting way that God has allowed to build awarenes in my heart to what He has to teach me, and it has given me a different perspective on my trials. Before deciding on that perfect word, I waited for confirmation, and, so... the word for this year was, and still is for some days more, "SIMPLICITY".

I assure you that the word has not been my year. It has had a lot to do with the lessons I have learned, the value put to certain actions, the appreciation for certain people and their efforts to be a part of my life. I will go into further explanation as I think on it some more and stew on what God has been working in, through, and for me. I hope you will "stay tuned".

Blessings as you prepare for Jesus' birthday celebration. May even this time of prepping be a blessing and encouragement to your heart.



  1. Celita,
    I think the word 'SIMPLICITY' is a wonderful word for the year. I have always tried to enjoy the simple things in life, and that is truly what our blog is all about. I try to instill this in my girls as well. Life can be so complicated, but I think the world would be a sweeter place if we all simplified our life, don't you? I wish you many special moments this Christmas season, and I will back to visit with you.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  2. Dear Sheri, it is friends like you that add such joy to my days. Thank you so much for stopping by... Really, truly. Blessings to you and yours as well... And, Yes, the "simple" fact of the matter is that we appreciate more when we are simpler, live simply, and accept simply. Hug... :-)

  3. Hello dear friend,

    I received your email and looking into the subscribe by email option. Probably in the new year.... :)
    May you and yours have a blessed Christmas season. You are treasured.