Wednesday, May 28, 2014

A Bit of This, A Bit of That.. All to say "It's Me! Been a Long Time!!"

I just have to laugh... Do you hear the crickets? Do you see the weeds growing? Yes, my last post was from 2012, and you... you have faithfully remained to see when- okay, IF- I would return. Thank you so much. Life has been quite like white water canyons. hahahah... I mean, seriously. There have been more rough patches than smooth, and, yet, I can laugh. God has taught me how to do that. I mean it. He has been teaching me what it means to SEEK OUT that silver lining in a moment, in a day, even with tough circumstances around me. Anyway, I have decided to be a bit more cautious with family tales. I have a family member who is VERY uncomfortable with how much information I have previously posted about family, trials and life, so... to honor one's wishes, I will try to make things both interesting and fun, though a bit more vague. I just have to say this... I have gotten back to reading! That was SO rare over the last years. Those years filled with pregnancy, nursing, and raising a passle of little ones. For a while there I was having a hard time even reading magazine articles, much less a whole book. It was a hard thing to realize that reading had to become one of those things that had to be put aside for a while. I didn't know how long a while, and maybe it is a good thing I didn't know then that it would be a years-long while; but I am back to it. And what a fun ride it has been, trying to catch up to all the new stuff out there. Goodness, there are even new genres that were not as known back when I was initialy reading more. Eh, it is kind of like seeking treasure to find the ones that I will truly enjoy and become new favorites, and when I DO come across one that is a gem, may I just say that I have been known to squeal with delight, even if all by my lonesome self. hahahah... Oh! I have also been brainstorming a LOT. I have always wanted to write stories, and I have so many milling around in my head, I have NO idea how to get them from the swirling clouds of ideas in my brain on to paper, but I am determined to do so somehow. This post by my friend, Mirriam, was one that I relate to. ( Do you relate to it? How do you find "the balance between,... walking the line between complacency and diving headfirst into opportunities"? Well, in my comment to her I stated, " When our lives are surrendered to the Lord, He teaches us to have balance. (it is an ongoing lesson, to be sure..) Sure, some of those lessons come in challenges and testings, but they are lessons to stretch and grow us. He is a good Abba Papa. I have noticed, personally, that those moments of having to find balance (AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN) occur as often as the wind changes. Not because I want it to be that way, or I am unstable, but because LIFE changes. I don’t always embrace the changes, either, but…sometimes the accepting of it is all I am meant to do. Just be pliable. Just “Trust and obey”. Sometimes that stretching hurts, but you get a little more “used to it” the older you get. No… scratch that. Not “used to it”. I have just come to understand that as I allow God in my driver’s seat, He leads, I follow. He blesses obedience and that trust. While I might get restless, frustrated, etc… along the way, He is used to His kids saying “are we there yet?” and He loves us anyway. It is partially character, it is being human, it is a lot of things." I wanted to add more, but I think that sometimes one has to learn how to find GOD's balance in a personal way in their own lives. You know? It isn't the same for everyone. So, what else have I been up to over these last couple years? Hm... you can balk at my lack of memory skills. Go on. I have forgotten much of it, and it is only when I look back at my calendar that I breathe deeply and gaze in wonder at all that life has presented. Anything from lice to new roller blade gifts and discovering the joy of skating... new kittens and the horror of girly kitties in heat to a long lost kitty returning after a whole year and us assuming he was deceased... from deaths of family members, to illnesses like cancer or TENS of friends, to school issues, to household projects, to limited but special crafty projects, to unexpected trips to expand my knowledge of this country in which I live, and so much more... FULL!!! Just alarmingly and wearyingly full. But also wonderful and challenging and allowing for much expanding of the mind. Oh, before I forget! I helped a newer friend, Scott Wiener, to find information for his book. I mean, come on, I live in "pizza land", so a book about pizza boxes is right up my alley. Plus I have been a fan of pizza box art for years, so when he approached me, I was thrilled. What fun to participate, even a bit, in his project! Have you seen it? (see the links below) "> If you are ever in New York City, check out his pizza tours. I think it looks awfully fun! YUM! And, now back to our regularly scheduled program... hahahahah!! On my Facebook browsing, I have come across some of the loveliest authors, and have been in touch often. They were having too many giveaways that I could not participate in as I had few options for reading ebooks, so I remedied that by buying a Kindle. I was wary about it. I think that the feel and smell and realness of paper books is important, but due to how life is these days, I made the allowance and have a NEW appreciation for this bit of technology. I have swiftly found all kinds of finds- new and old- with which to nearly fill my Kindle. I have yet to find a name for it, as it gives you that option. did you know that? hahahah... but, it is a regular companion while in waiting times. Can you hear my delighted sigh? OH!! AND!!! We FINALLY got DSL in our town!!! UH-HUH!! I has taken a LONG time for that to happen, since I have lived here- 10 plus years, but it is official and well worth the wait! Mind you, things never work out the same here as they do elsewhere. NEVER. So dsl means we get our emails in SO much faster, even big stuff, but as we are still in the mountains, and still developing technologically in our area, we are presented with glitches and slow days even still. hahahah... But, we LOVE having it faster than before. Well, as this is already a long post, I think I will sign off for today. I need to gather some more material, as I have reached a forgetting-point again. I AM two years older than the last time I was blogging on here, so bear with me. ;-) I hope you are well, C p.s. Check out this sweet image and the artist's page! It made me tear up as it reminded me of my own grandmother who passed away several years ago. I miss her so much. The grandmother in this image is teaching her grandaughter about knitting. Mine worked at teaching me crochet. Ah, the memories.